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By Byrd J.

This instructional contains fourteen sections, every one of which addresses a basic point of UNIX computing. It concentrates on illustrating the imperative ideas by way of delivering brief factors, in addition to examples, and routines.

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In HP-UX sh-posix (or ksh), you are allowed to specify the access permissions in manner of the chmod command. The command umask u=rwx,g=r,o=r would set the umask to deny write and execute permissions to the group, and to others. That kind of command syntax will not work in HP-UX's C shell or Bourne shell. The HP-UX posix shell also allows the use of the command umask -S to print your umask setting in a more readable fashion. Customizing with user login scripts The remainder of this section describes some of the ways you can initialize ksh, by presenting the default user login scripts provided to users of ISU's CWIS machine.

The getty process The getty process provides the login: prompt that you see on the terminal screen. The getty process reads your username, and invokes the login program. The login program The login program receives the username from getty, and prompts you for your password. Login then consults the system database /etc/passwd to verify your password. (Note that login will request your password even if there is no entry in /etc/passwd for the username you've given. ) Login turns off terminal echo so that your password is not displayed on the screen.

TERM The TERM environment variable defines the type of terminal that you are using. Most Unix systems have a database of terminal types, and the capabilities of each terminal type. PATH The PATH variable contains the names of directories to be searched for programs that correspond to command names. When you issue a command to the shell, the shell searches sequentially through each directory in the PATH list until it finds an executable program with the command name you typed. USER The USER variable contains your username.

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