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By Robert V. Levine

Even though it is difficult to recollect in our clock-driven age, the idea that of time is relative and versatile. Robert Levine issues out cultures experience of time has profound outcomes for an individual's mental, actual, and emotional health. vacationing round the glope, in either previous and current occasions, he describes "clock time" towards either "nature time" - the rhythm of the solar and the seasons - and "event time" - the structuring of time round happenings. He argues that by way of studying to embody those 3 varied perceptions of time, by way of constructing a "multi temporal" procedure, possible get pleasure from a extra versatile and lucrative lifestyles.

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Pictured in the center of the billboard was a gruesomely nauseated, pained and anxious-looking Gahan Wilson-type figure hunched over the DURATION 39 steering wheel of his car, driving in the same Santa Ana freeway traffic. At the bottom of the cartoon in large jagged letters were the words: "Diarrhea? " Under that was the pitch for a smiling bottle of Pepto-Bismol: Never leave home without it. Cultures have their own norms for handling urgency. As Americans traveling abroad are acutely aware, their own attitudes often conflict with those in most other countries, even those of their first-world colleagues in Western Europe.

In fact, the speed of our lives does often color the entirety of our temporal experience. 34 Dapkus, who was interested in learning what type of concepts people use to describe their experience of time, interviewed a group of adults about the full range of their temporal awareness. She found that people tended to frame their responses in terms of tempo, no matter what area of temporal experience they were addressing. When asked about "change and continuity" in life, for example, a typical response was: As you get older, people say that time appears to go faster.

But there are Va:\t cultural and individual differences in how each of these influDURATION 37 ences are interpreted. The same activity may seem like a moment to one person but an eternity to the next. " One of life's crueler ironies is that time seems to drag when we wish it to go by quickly and it goes by quickly when we want it to be savored. 's A number of cognitive psychologists have tried to explain this phenomenon. Robert Ornstein believes that the perception of duration is determined by how much we experience and remember of a situation.

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