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This is a commentary that can span several lines. Note that here the two slashes // are ignored too */ This is very simple, but the difficulty is not in the syntax of commentaries, of course, but in their content. There are several rules to keep in mind: 1. Always keep the commentaries current with the code that they are supposed to comment. There is nothing more frustrating than to discover that the commentary was actually misleading you, because it wasn’t updated when the code below changed, and actually instead of helping you to understand the code it contributes further to make it more obscure.

E. = would mean not equal. 52 For a more detailed discussion, see the section Newsgroups at the end of this tutorial. 51 58 How can this program fail? e. that n has some bits set. Since we are shifting out the bits, and shifting in always zero bits, in a 32 bit machine like a PC this program will stop after at most 32 iterations. Running mentally some cases (a good exercise) we see that for an input of zero, we will never enter the loop, bitcount will be zero, and we will return 0, the correct answer.

C will be seen as a double. c" supposes an integer of 32 bits only. Of course the results will be completely wrong. c accesses the variable "balance", it will overwrite the 32 bits of any data that is right afterwards of the space allocated to "balance". You will see that the value of another, completely unrelated variable changes mysteriously, without any reason. To avoid this error you should always declare shared variables in a common header file to let the compiler warn you of any inconsistency.

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