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By Louis A. D'Alotto, Charles R. Giardina, Hua Luo

Goals to bridge the distance among parallel laptop architectures and the production of parallel electronic sign processing (DSP) algorithms. This paintings deals an method of electronic sign processing using the unified sign algebra surroundings to advance evidently happening parallel DSP algorithms. university or collage publication retailers could order 5 or extra copies at a different pupil cost. expense is obtainable on request.

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Rzxz due to the induced operations of pointwise addition, multiplication, and maximum will be further revealed andadditionally illustrated. In the following we will 30 2. Fundamental Operations on Two DimensionalSignals let f , g and h be digital signals. Moreover, a and b will denote real values. The addition operation has the following properties: G1) Associative Law: f (g t h) = (f t g) t h 6 2 ) Zero Signal Property: 0zxz t f = f t Ozxz = f G3) Minus Signal Property: -f f = f (-f) = Ozxz G4) Commutative Law: f g = g t f These properties show that RzXz is an Abelian group under addition.

The 180° rotation of f is given by N 2 ( f ) ;the 270° rotation of f is given by N 3 ( f ) . 6. TermsInvolvingFundamentalDomainInduced Operations 45 or and f -NINETY - NINETY c NINETY - N3(f) or What is of additional consequenceis that a general translationoperation can be formed using theSHIFT and NINETY operations. O n < 0,m 2 0 N3S-mNSn(f) nlO,m

0 0 0 0 0 . a.. ... ... . . . m Various other reflection type operations exist besides the transpose type reflection D . Specifically, there is a horizontal, a vertical, and 2. Fundamental Operations on Two Dimensional Signale 48 a 4 5 O diagonal reflection. These are respectively denoted by HOR, V E R T , and DIFLIP. They are defined by: )(W = f (4 - j > V E R T U) ( i , j >= f (-4j) and DIFLIP( f)(i,j) = f(j,i) Thefollowingblockdiagramsillustratetheseoperationsandalso show that they are terms.

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