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By Mark Seem

During this groundbreaking e-book, Dr appear stocks with us the end result of twenty years of treating sufferers with every kind of power fatigue, soreness, and pressure issues. those are sufferers for whom ordinary scientific remedies have provided little support and who usually locate their approach to acupuncturists as a final inn. integrated are Dr Seem's class of the 4 significant styles of tight delicate issues that he unearths in such sufferers, his therapy suggestions in every one trend, and plenty of charts and diagrams to assist busy practitioners use his procedure extra successfully. This booklet is a needs to for acupuncturists treating any form of power .

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Title : Acupuncture Physical Medicine : An Acupuncture Touchpoint Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue, Pain and Stress Disorders author : Seem, Mark. publisher : Blue Poppy Press isbn10 | asin : 1891845136 print isbn13 : 9781891845130 ebook isbn13 : 9780585303826 language : English subject Acupuncture. 892 subject : Acupuncture. Page i Acupuncture Physical Medicine An Acupuncture Touchpoint Approach to the Treatment of: Chronic Fatigue, Pain, and Stress Disorders by Mark D. D. Page ii Published by: BLUE POPPY PRESS A Division of Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc.

From a certain philosophical point of view, all that we humans can do is create such "stand-in" concepts or ideas that stand in for reality. The acupuncture meridian system3 is just such an organizing metaphor which, for me, stands in for the actual reality of the way the human body grows constricted and irritated on its soft tissue surface. If an organizing metaphor helps us better navigate in the real world, it is powerful. As a doctoral student of French Philosophy, I studied with the late renowned Michel Foucault.

What is signified by this shifting perspective which at one time viewed the syndrome as a neurological deficit (neurasthenia), then as a psychological disorder (anxiety disorder or depression) and now as an immune deficiency disorder (CFIDS)? In the concept of immune disorders, Western medicine is responding to the greatest single threat to its ability to effectively diagnose and treat human suffering. The advent of AIDS has forced Western medical practitioners to rethink how people become ill and how they recover.

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