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By Paul Kimmel

Complex C# Programming is ready programmers and code. This e-book was
conceived round the thought of supplying loads of code listings for programmers
who have to remedy difficulties now.
In each one bankruptcy you can find a quick advent proposing this system showcased in
the bankruptcy and describing the categories of difficulties that you could be come across and the way the code
presented may also help you take on them. From there, you could cross correct to the full code listing
to locate the strategies, then learn the reasons that keep on with describing the expertise that
supports the code listing.
Because every one code directory is a whole software, you'll find numerous functions that
demonstrate either basic and secondary services of C# and Microsoft .NET.
Advanced C# Programming was once written for builders who've an intermediate to
advanced point of expertise with related languages, equivalent to C++, Delphi, or visible Basic
.NET, or who've learn an introductory-level e-book explaining the basics of objectoriented
programming with C#.

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The modified application follows. using System; namespace HelloWorld { Chapter 1: Language Foundations ///

/// Summary description for Class1. ///

class Class1 { ///

/// The main entry point for the application. NET—we can press F5 to run the application. Both WriteLine and ReadLine are static members in the Console class, so we do not need to create an instance of a Console object to call these methods. ReadLine waits for a carriage return before continuing. Also, note that statements in C# are terminated with a semicolon.

This is analogous to reading and writing from the registry. NET applications is simpler than deploying COM-based applications. cs module. An example is the AssemblyTitleAttribute class. [assembly: AssemblyTitle("")] 33 34 Advanced C# Programming By adding text between the parentheses in the AssemblyTitleAttribute, you can add a title for your assembly that will show up in the Properties dialog. By convention, attribute classes have an Attribute suffix, but the suffix is left off when the attribute is used.

Usually there is a relationship between a property and its underlying field. One convention is to name the field with an underscore prefix and the property without the underscore. For example, a field myValue would be associated with a property MyValue. This convention is used to make it easy to associate properties with their field values. You don’t want to spend your time fishing for fields. The getter is defined by the get{} part of the property. This is a code block, and you can put as much or as little code as you’d like to in this code block.

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