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This article offers a close dialogue of deployment thoughts (using XML), and is through a short dialogue of safety and authentication after which handling item lifetimes.

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The server's startup code is quite straightforward and works the same as in the preceding examples. It opens an HTTP channel on port 1235 and registers the well-known object. This second server is shown in Listing 3-21. SingleCall); // the server will keep running until keypress. ReadLine(); } } } Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 53 54 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action Note When running two servers on one machine, you have to give the servers different port numbers. When developing production-quality applications, you should always allow the user or system administrator to configure the port numbers in a configuration file, via the registry or using a GUI.

Every method is finished before the next one is called by the client. Figure 3-15: Client's output when using synchronous calls Figure 3-16: Server's output when called synchronously 42 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 43 Asynchronous Calls In the synchronous calls example, you saw that waiting for every method to complete incurs a performance penalty if the calls themselves are independent; the second call doesn't need the output from the first. NET, it would probably render the application more complex if you use a distinct thread for any longer lasting remote function call.

When calling setValue() on the returned CAO, the client 38 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 39 will receive an exception stating the object has timed out. The server runs normally (Figure 3-14). Figure 3-13: The client receives an exception because the object has timed out. NET generally or in COM. NET Framework provides three possibilities to call methods on remote objects (no matter if they are Singleton, SingleCall, or published objects). You can execute their methods in a synchronous, asynchronous, or asynchronous oneway fashion.

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