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This sequence describes chosen advances within the sector of atomic spectroscopy. it really is basically meant for the reader who has a historical past in atmoic spectroscopy; appropriate to the beginner and specialist. even though a commonplace and accredited approach for steel and non-metal research in numerous complicated samples, Advances in Atomic Spectroscopy covers quite a lot of fabrics. each one bankruptcy will thoroughly disguise a space of atomic spectroscopy the place speedy improvement has happened.

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He found that LOD's at the ng g-1 level were obtained when samples containing 3% m/m Ni were analyzed. This was attributed to the very low dilution factor used. Precision was 2% on 13 replicate 200-~d injections. , 1992c). Plasma Source Mass Spectroscopy 21 Trimethylgallium and methyllithium were dissolved in diethyl ether and aliquots of this solution (10-25 ~tl) were introduced to a 2% nitric acid stream. Limits of detection in the ng ml-I range were obtained for several analytes including A1, Cu, In, Pb, and Zn.

The authors of this chapter anticipate that most major manufacturers will have commercial simultaneous multielement AAS instrumentation available in the near future. The authors also anticipate that multielement systems will only be capable of determining a maximum of six elements in a simultaneous mode. This is primarily due to the degree of difficulty in engineering. A recent review on multielement AAS in general is available from Farah et al. (1993) and graphite furnace AAS by Farah and Sneddon (1995).

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