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By Poul Anderson

Flandry, right here a captain, undergoes a sequence of adventures: he's kidnapped by way of the Scothians, an alien race hoping to invade the Terran Empire; rescues the Emperor's abducted granddaughter; meets Aycharaych, his nemesis in league with the Merseians; and investigates a formerly unencountered alien race that has invaded the far-off colonial global of Vixen.

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Mij Gilamar rarely gave advice outside of his two fields of professional expertise—killing or curing—but sometimes he used a certain tone that made Skirata's shoulders hunch. It was a rebuke, a clip around the ear, however kindly put, and all the more cutting for it. No, Skirata was not sure what he was doing. He would have been the first to admit it. In fact, he was going to admit it right now. He stared up into the clear dusk in the general direction from which the freighter Cornucopia was due to make a low-level approach, and wondered if this was the moment when his talent for pulling off impulsive gambles had finally reached its limit.

Mereel took it the worst. " His frank assessment of his own mental health was almost touching. " "Yes, and I agree with him. " Jusik chewed over the implications of that again as he parked the speeder as close as he could to the Oyu'baat cantina. Kina Ha was another long shot in the bid to find a way to reverse the clones' accelerated aging, and all of those so far had unraveled into dangerous missions and betrayals. If the Kaminoans had engineered some of their own kind to live exceptionally long lives, then there was something—some set of genes, some technique —that Dr.

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