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By C. J. Cherryh

Port Eternity
Their names have been Lancelot, Elaine, Percivale, Gawain, Mordred, Lynette and Vivien, and so they have been made humans, clone servants who labored aboard The Maid, an anachronistic delusion of a spaceship. they'd no thought in their origins, from these outdated storytapes of romance, chivalry, heroism and betrayal, till a ripple within the space-time continuum sucked The Maid and her workforce right into a no-man's land from which there will be no go back, they usually have been left on my own to stand a situation which their old prototypes have been by no means designed to master...

Wave with no Shore
Freedom used to be an remoted planet, off the most spaceways and barely visited through advertisement spacers. It wasn't that Freedom used to be inhospitable, the matter used to be that outsiders—tourists and traders—claimed that the streets have been crowded with mysterious blue-robed extraterrestrial beings. Native-born people, even if, denied that those extraterrestrial beings existed—until a planetary main issue pressured a war of words among the query of truth and the truth of the question...

Voyager within the Night
Rafe Murray, his sister Jillian, and Jillian's husband Paul Gaines, like many different out-of-luck spacers, had come to newly outfitted undertaking Station to discover their destiny. Their tiny send, Lindy, have been salvaged from the junk heap, and suited for mine ore from the mineral-rich jewelry which turned around recreation. yet their destiny proved to be some distance stranger than any of them imagined, while a "collision" with an immense alien vessel supplied them with the oddest first touch adventure attainable!

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Imagine water pouring by the thousands of tons, no one greeting it with tears of relief or happy laughter! Imagine Earth. Old Earth. Manhome itself. Rod had tried to think of a whole planet inhabited by Hamlets, drenched with music and poetry, knee-deep in blood and drama. It was unimaginable, really, though he had tried to think it through. Like a chill, a drill, a thrill cutting into his very nerves he thought: Imagine Earth women! What terrifying beautiful things they must be. Dedicated to ancient and corruptive arts, surrounded by the objects which Norstrilia had forbidden long ago, stimulated by experiences which the very law of his own world had expunged from the books!

Deposit to drawing account ... convert to FOE credits . . hold in SAD credits . . twelve thousand tons of stroon . . mortgage forward . . promise to buy . . promise to sell . . hold . . margin . . collateral guaranteed by previous deposit . . promise to pay against the pledged land . . guarantor . . McBan land . . MacArthur land . . this computer itself . . conditional legality . . buy ... sell ... guarantee . . pledge . . withold . . offer confirmed . . offer cancelled . .

Buy . . sell . . pledge . withdraw from market . . withdraw from sale . not available ... no collections now . . dependent on radiation . . corner market . . buy . . buy . . buy . . buy . . buy . . firm title . . reconfirm title . . transactions completed . . reopen . . register . . reregister . . confirm at Earth central . . message fees . . fifteen thousand megacredits... Rod's voice became a whisper, but the computer was sure, the computer was untiring, the computer answered all questions from the outside.

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