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By Nicole Gotzner

This ebook provides a singular experimental method of investigating the psychological illustration of linguistic possible choices. Combining theoretical and psycholinguistic questions about the nature of different units, it sheds new gentle at the concept of concentration and the cognitive mechanisms underlying the processing of possible choices. In a sequence of language comprehension experiments, the writer exhibits that intonational concentration and concentration debris comparable to ‘only’ form the illustration of choices in a listener’s brain in a primary means. This publication is suitable to researchers drawn to semantics, pragmatics, language processing and memory.

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The non-contrastive targets were only primed if the prime word was contrastively stressed. Husband and Ferreira (2016) assume that the lack of priming for non-contrastive targets in the neutral contexts is due to temporal aspects (slower activation in the neutral condition) and argue that contrastively focused words initially prime both contrastive and non-contrastive meanings. In the second experiment, the targets were presented at an SOA of 750 ms. It was found that contrastive targets were again facilitated, independent of whether the primes received neutral or contrastive prosody.

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2 for an overview). Hence, focus structure guides the listener’s attention in language comprehension. Moreover, previous research indicates that focus structure seems to alter memory representations of a discourse. , Fraundorf, Watson, & Benjamin, 2010; Osaka, Nishizaki, Komori, & Osaka, 2002; Sanford, Price, & Sanford, 2009; Sturt, Sanford, Stewart, & Dawydiak, 2004; Ward & Sturt, 2007). , Birch & Rayner, 2010). However, theoretical semantics, in particular Rooth (1985), assumes that 3 Long-Term Representation of the Entire Alternative Set 43 the function of focus is to evoke alternative expressions that can replace the focused expression.

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