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Collectors receive about 6 to 8 cents a pound. The taste of the blessed thistle is very bitter and salty and somewhat acrid. It, is used principally as a bitter tonic.

The erect stem is bristly hairy or sometimes smooth, and in the larger plants usually branched near the top. The leaves are usually somewhat hairy, the lower ones 1 to 4 inches long, broader at the top and narrowing toward the base, with margins toothed, lobed, or unbroken, while those scattered along the stem are rather narrow with margins generally entire. com November numerous heads of small, inconspicuous white flowers, followed by an abundance of seed. (Fig. — The entire herb is used; it should be collected during the flowering period and carefully dried.

Com carefully dried in the shade. Dried peppermint leaves and tops bring about 3 1/2 to 41/2 cents a pound. The pungent odor of peppermint is familiar, as is likewise the agreeable taste, burning at first and followed by a feeling of coolness in the mouth. It is a well-known remedy for stomach and intestinal troubles. The oil, which is obtained by distillation with water from the fresh or partially dried leaves and flowering tops, is also official in the United States Pharmacopoeia. While a less acreage was devoted to peppermint during 1910, conditions were favorable to its growth, and the crop is estimated to have amounted to about 200,000 pounds.

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