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Heisenberg showed that, with any apparatus which we possess or can conceive as physically possible, it is impossible to discover both the precise position and the precise velocity of an electron within certain margins of error and therefore the ideal of a complete deterministic account of the universe is in principle unattainable, since we can never obtain with sufficient accuracy the primary data from which such an account must start. This discovery is of But its metagreat importance for scientific procedure.

Everything would appear as a necessary ; An 2o Introduction to Metaphysics consequence of the disposition of the parts of matter in space and the laws of their behaviour. The aim of the materialist is to approach as nearly as He will try to show that water does possible to this ideal. consist of nothing but oxygen and hydrogen by showing that the properties of water can be deduced from those of oxygen and hydrogen when we know the manner in which they are combined in water. He will try to show that the human body consists of nothing but certain quantities of the chemical elements by showing that its behaviour can be worked out when we know the laws governing the behaviour of these elements, and the way they are combined in the body.

The rest colour, sound, warmth, hardness, smell, and so on the so-called " " are all derivajtive from these universal secondary qualities reality and permanent material world. properties of the atoms which make up the Ill EPI PHENO MENALIS WHAT 17. IS THE PLACE OF MIND M IN A MATERIAL WORLD ? the point of view I have been describing is the correct one in approaching the problems of physics and THATno chemistry, and at least some of the problems of informed person now denies. Materialism biology, embodies at least part of the truth about the world.

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