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5 we used the relations [x/m2] = x/m2 + O(1) Ip(m)I 5 and &. m l f i It is possible t o reorganize our argument to employ a better estimate of M(y) := C,<,p(n) than the trivial absolute value bound. T. 17). 3) is true, then M(y) = O(y*+') (cf. 15) and Q(x) - 6x/n2 = O ( X ' / ~ ~ + 'for ) any fixed E > 0. 3 Riemann-St ieltjes integrals We shall have use for a more general integral than that of Riemann. ) or Lebesgue-Stieltjes integral would suffice for our work. S. integral, since it is adequate for our purposes and probably familiar to most readers.

The first equation in the above system gives the value of g(1). Knowing f ( l ) ,f (2), and g ( l ) , we can find g(2) from the next equation. If we have found g ( 1 ) ,. . ,g ( n - l ) ,then we can find g ( n ) from the nth equation: g ( 4 = -(f (1)I-l cf (j>g(rc>. 7 f E A is invertible i f and only iff (1) # 0. We shall give a second proof of the theorem in terms of power series in the next section. The function 1 is invertible and, as we shall show, its inverse is p. This assertion is familiar from elementary number theory as the formula C d l n p ( d )= e ( n ) and can be established by a combinatorial argument.

K N = n ) corresponding to other decompositions of n, necessarily vanish. Thus we have proved that the partial products converge. 15 we now have 0 = lim e = e. N+00 We conclude this section by establishing two results, arithmetic analogues of familiar theorems of analysis, which will be of use in studying the exponential of an arithmetic function: a convergent power series in an arithmetic function is continuous and termwise differentiation of such a series is valid. 17 Let gj E A, gj(1) = 0 f o r j = 1, 2 , .

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