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We don't know the limitations on Alice. When it is not possible to give parents a prognosis, they need time to express their disappointment that there is no more to be learned, and to test whether they have clearly understood that there is at present no more information available. The mother of a mentally retarded child said: "I want somebody to give me results. " Unless parents are allowed to express their frustration in this manner, to ask for information in several ways, and to finally accept that the genetic counselor has given them all of the currently available information, they may assume that the genetic counselor doesn't care enough to really find out what the problem is, and may look elsewhere for help.

I have wondered and not understood it. When my friends asked, I was so embarrassed because I couldn't tell them why. I felt I was to blame. Now that you have told me, I can tell them. The timing and number of follow-up visits needed are variable and depend on the counselor's perception of need as well as the individuals who seek genetic counseling. Two follow-up visits are sufficient in some cases, while four may be too few in others. Sometimes individuals will have a crisis in their family lives, or become concerned about a new aspect of the disease, and will feel an urgent need to talk to the genetic counselor again.

A husband (Henry) and wife (Jane) met with the author (Kelly). This couple had had their intake visit with the author and their diagnostic visit with a physician (Dr. Evans) who diagnosed the wife as having oculocutaneous albinism. The author's comments and analysis of the process of the session have been interpolated in italics in appropriate places. Transcript of a Follow-up Visit KELLY: (To Henry) How's it been since I saw you? I talked to Jane on the phone. ] HENRY: Well, I was very happy with our meeting with Dr.

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