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By Joao Constancio & Maria Joao Mayer Branco

Nietzsche's metaphor of the spider that spins its cobweb expresses his critique of the metaphysical use of language - however it additionally means that "we, spiders", may be able to spin diverse, life-affirming, non-metaphysical cobwebs. This booklet focuses not just on Nietzsche's critique of the metaphysical assumptions of language, but additionally on his attempt to take advantage of language differently, i.e., to create a "new language." Read more...


because the Spider Spins

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213 (“Geschichte der griechischen Beredsamkeit”, KGW II/4, p. 371). “To Speak in Images” 21 From this perspective we can now understand that language is never neutral, because it is originally understood as a “force”, as a “power”. A particular language entails the practical rather than theoretical power of inducing ways of thinking, values, and hence, of inducing specific modes of life. The unity of a word, for instance, leads us to believe in the reality and unity of the “thing” it is supposed to designate.

25, editors’ translation. “To Speak in Images” 35 Overall it is important to say that the question for Nietzsche has practical as well as theoretical consequences: to say in a new way what language is, is also to transform the value and use of language. By affirming that to believe in the truth of a particular discourse is nothing more than an illusion – an illusion resulting from our “forgetting this primitive world of metaphor”, from the “scleroses” of “a mass of images, which originally flowed in a hot, liquid stream from the primal power of the human imagination” (TL 1/WL 1) – , Nietzsche confronts the reader with the possibility and even the necessity of considering other possible modes of discourse.

In the end we will see that TL is still a hybrid. For while it still betrays a very strong Schopenhauerian influence, some of its elements already point the 1 I would like to thank Marta Faustino and João Constâncio for their suggestions and helpful criticism of earlier versions of this article.

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