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The ASP.NET MVC framework is the newest evolution of Microsoft’s ASP.NET net platform. It introduces a thorough high–productivity programming version, promotes cleanser code structure, helps test–driven improvement, and gives robust extensibility, mixed with all of the merits of ASP.NET 3.5. ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview is a primary examine this technology’s major positive factors, designed to provide you a head begin attending to grips with this strong new expertise. What you’ll examine a pretty good architectural history to ASP.NET MVC, together with Model–View–Controller and relaxation techniques Who this ebook is for This ebook is for internet builders with a easy wisdom of ASP.NET and C#, who wish, or desire, to begin utilizing the hot ASP.NET MVC framework. desk of Contents What’s the large inspiration Your First ASP.NET MVC program structure

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NET MVC Framework Preview 39 Figure 2-13. aspx view Of course, this form POSTs to an action called SubmitRSVP, which doesn’t yet exist, so if you submit the form, you’ll get a 404 Not Found error. Form collection, so you can get a fully populated GuestResponse object without having to fetch and assign each property value manually. Email) %>). Value) { %> It's great that you're coming. The drinks are already in the fridge! <% } else { %> Sorry to hear you can't make it, but thanks for letting us know.

NET WebForms. The answer to the TextBox conundrum is that you’ll no longer think in terms of UI widgets, but in terms of requests and responses, which is more appropriate for a web application. NET classes, usually derived from the built-in Controller base class. Each public method on a Controller-derived class is called an action method, which is automatically associated with a URL on your configurable URL schema, and after performing some operations, is able to render its choice of view. ) are designed for testability, so during implementation and testing, you’re not coupled to any live web server.

The action results system lets you encapsulate and reuse common response types, and it simplifies unit testing tremendously. Adding Dynamic Output Of course, the whole point of a web application platform is the ability to construct and display dynamic output. NET MVC, it’s the controller’s job to construct some data, and the view’s job to render it as HTML. This separation of concerns keeps your application tidy. The data is passed from controller to view using a data structure called ViewData.

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