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SP.NET site Programming indicates you ways to construct an interactive web site from layout to deployment.Packed with strategies to web site programming difficulties, this publication can have you construction well-engineered, extendable ASP.NET web pages fast and easily.With ASP.NET site Programming you'll research to:# determine an exceptional, scalable site starting place# supply versatile person money owed integrating with ASP.NET's integrated protection# Create message boards that permit formatted messages yet shield opposed to cross-site scripting# Generate profit from ads# construct an internet interface for importing, downloading, modifying, and handling the records in your website# upload opinion polls, electronic mail newsletters, and information administration# installation the completed website on a stay server# construct web pages utilizing sturdy, n-tier coding techniquesThe website we construct is modular. you could slot the modules into your personal site, regulate them, or use them as examples of specific ASP.NET techniques.The book's P2P discussion board is a platform for changing code and concepts, supporting to increase the web site with new modules and adjustments.

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The following is a screenshot of one of the sample mockups that were used in building the 'look and feel' of the website justice, but you should be able to gain some useful information from it: Introduction 49 50 Introduction We can see that our page will include various types of content (for example news and opinion polls) and that we'd like to have comfortable with the site. Now that we have some ideas about what we want our website to look like, we can move on to actua relating to designing our core navigation and UI for the site.

Default, null )); return command; } The above method calls BuildQueryCommand to create a new SQL command object. This new command will typically be used for returning the results of SELECT statements in stored procedures to either a DataSet or a DataReader. Add( parameter ); } return command; } The method below, RunProcedure, takes as arguments the name of the stored procedure to execute, an array of parameters, and an out integer parameter. The out parameter will contain the number of rows affected by the stored procedure after the method completes.

The Transaction attribute is used to indicate what level of transactional support the particular component wants or needs. We won't need to worry about these attributes for the rest of the code in the book, however. We could spend another chapter or so going into all of the other considerations when programming for COM+ or MTS, but that's beyond the scope of this book. The rest of this book will use DbObject. If you feel comfortable with your COM+ skills, you can simply change your own copy of the code to use ServicedDbObject and supply the appropriate attributes.

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