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By A.V. Babin and M.I. Vishik (Eds.)

Difficulties, principles and notions from the idea of finite-dimensional dynamical platforms have penetrated deeply into the speculation of infinite-dimensional platforms and partial differential equations. From the point of view of the speculation of the dynamical platforms, many scientists have investigated the evolutionary equations of mathematical physics. Such equations comprise the Navier-Stokes process, magneto-hydrodynamics equations, reaction-diffusion equations, and damped semilinear wave equations. as a result fresh efforts of many mathematicians, it's been tested that the attractor of the Navier-Stokes procedure, which draws (in a suitable practical house) as t - # all trajectories of the program, is a compact finite-dimensional (in the feel of Hausdorff) set. higher and decrease bounds (in phrases of the Reynolds quantity) for the measurement of the attractor have been discovered. those effects for the Navier-Stokes approach have encouraged investigations of attractors of alternative equations of mathematical physics.

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This inequality yields the estimate from which we conclude in particular that the solution uN(t) of the equation (22) exists for all t, O = t < + m , . Integrating (25) in t from 0 up to T , T = T, we deduce using (26) and (29) that z T IluN(r)l12 + 2p 1IuN(t)ll P1dt + 2p v1 0s 0 0 z 5 p2(h + C)IIUN(t)l12 t 211gil-II~~(t)ll )dt f IluN(O)Il2 4 0 5 IlU 0)1l2+ C,T. N (30) We obtain from (29) and (30) that uN are bounded in U uniformly with respect to N. Since uN are bounded in U and the operators A,, A.

0) E L , l/p4 + l/plsl/p,. p4 ( p + OL + l)pos p, , then the mapping Frechet differentiable from (L (R))" action F'(u)v formula P1 F defined by into (L (42)" of its Frechet differential F' F' (u)v(x) = f' (x,u(x))v(x) If is and the (34) PO is given by the vx E R. (43) If l/p4+ l/p2s l/p, where p , ~ p,, then the estimate (41) of the norm of the differential of F holds with The differential F' is Holder p,= ( p + a)p,p,/(p,- p,). P3 (44 - for any P Z ( l+a)Po and P3=PPoP2/(P2- ( 1 + alp,) Proof.

1) are formulated and proved. 1. 2. 1. 1) has the following properties: 1) ( S t ) is (H,H)-bounded for t 2 0, H = L 2 ( n ) . 2 ) ( S t ) is (H,H)-bounded uniformly in t. 3 ) There exists an H-absorbing set Bo which is bounded in H. 4 ) ( S t ) is uniformly (H,H)-continuous. 5) ( S ) is (H,,H )-continuous. Proof. 1, Stuo=u(t) = lim um(t) in H,= (L2(R)), m +m V t > 0. 29). The inequality ( 3 ) implies immediately that St maps bounded in H sets BEB(H) into sets belonging to B(H), and point 1 is proved.

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