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By Bertrand Jordan

« Ce livre présente les approches nouvelles de l. a. génétique médicale, dont différents points font souvent l’actualité. J’ai choisi d’évoquer les thèmes majeurs et très actuels de cette nouvelle “médecine génomique” à partir des recherches sur les déterminants génétiques de cette grave affection qu’est l’autisme. Ces travaux ont récemment donné lieu à des péripéties médiatiques et juridiques auxquelles j’ai été personnellement mêlé.

« Le récit fait découvrir les rapports entre le monde de l. a. recherche en génétique médicale et celui des entreprises de biotechnologie avec leurs impératifs particuliers. Il montre, à travers le marché des checks de l’autisme, les interférences entre le savoir, le enterprise et l’institution judiciaire. Cette histoire alterne avec des chapitres faisant le aspect sur les théories de l’autisme et les vives polémiques scientifiques qui y sont associées. J’y discute les difficultés de l. a. génétique psychiatrique, et, plus généralement, les avancées et limites des purposes thérapeutiques de l’exploration du génome. »

B. J.

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Even those who do not wish to rule others at least wish to have enough power to prevent themselves from falling 36 NICOLÒ MACHIAVELLI too completely under the control of others. The world is divided into those who dominate and those who strive not to be dominated. It is because this desire for power plays so prominent a part in human behaviour, Machiavelli believes, that political life has always been characterised by strife. Politics is not, and cannot be, about the kind of co-operation and organic interdependence that Plato and Aristotle assumed to be possible.

The achievement of such well-being requires government, but this is not ‘Augustinian’ government, ordained to suppress human destructiveness by force and fear. It is a benign administration suited to the kind of sociable and co-operating creature that man is. There may be more than one way to achieve our ends, and we need to be guided wisely towards them just as a ship needs to be steered into harbour. These are facts that have nothing to do with sin. They are the facts that make it necessary for a human community to be knit together in a common purpose by wise leadership directed to the common good.

In this secondary sense, persecution can bring benefit to those who undergo it. Those brought forcibly into contact with teachers of the truth may thereby come to see the truth; coercion by the Catholic Church may counteract the fear of coercion by one’s fellow heretics; coercion can break the bonds of habit and lethargy. Characteristically, Augustine holds that coercion of those outside the Church is, when carried out with the correct intentionality, an act of love. No love can be greater than Christ’s; yet when he wished to summon St Paul into His service, He first struck him blind.

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