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Alain Badiou's Being and occasion is the main unique and critical paintings of French philosophy to have seemed in contemporary many years. it's the magnum opus of a philosopher who's generally thought of to have re-shaped the nature and set new phrases for the longer term improvement of philosophy in France and somewhere else. This e-book has been written greatly to be able to clarifying Badiou's advanced and critical paintings for non-specialist readers. It bargains advice on: - Philosophical and highbrow context - Key issues - examining the textual content - Reception and effect - additional interpreting

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However, ‘it is not in the enigma and the poetic fragment that the origin may be interpreted’ but rather in ‘the mathematico-philosophical nexus . . which defines, until Kant, the “classic” domain of its objects’ (BE, p. 10). 12 For what henceforth offers itself to thought is the prospect of an ontological enquiry that is restricted neither to the limits of unaided human intuition – limits already 23 BADIOU’S BEING AND EVENT surpassed through the passage to Copernican–Galilean astronomy and decisively transcended through developments such as non-Euclidean geometry or Einsteinian Relativity – nor even to the bounds of what is knowable according to our current best methods of conceptual or empirical investigation.

26). Badiou on the contrary describes it as the chief ‘wager’ of his book that ontological issues cannot be 41 BADIOU’S BEING AND EVENT treated in all their specificity, complexity and depth except by taking adequate account of how they emerge in given situations and how they respond more or less inventively to various conjunctural problems or dilemmas. Moreover, this entails that there cannot be a concept of the multiple, at least if by ‘concept’ is meant a clearly defined – necessary and sufficient – set of conditions for what the term properly denotes.

2). It is here that analytic philosophers are likely to find the greatest problems with making sense of Badiou’s (by their lights) inordinately large-scale, over-ambitious and hence philosophically misconceived project. Most basic is the problem of grasping what he could possibly mean by invoking standards of objective 21 BADIOU’S BEING AND EVENT truth and of ontological enquiry as constitutively aimed towards such truth while none the less adopting a criterion of ‘fidelity’ – of authentic dedication to that purpose – which seems to invite a subjective, even existentialist notion of good-faith commitment.

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