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By Ian Douglas

Whilst known as to do conflict many mild years from domestic, the first Marine Interstellar Expeditionary Unit rose to the problem -- and now hundreds of thousands of enslaved people were free of the alien yoke. yet Earth is twenty-one years older than the house planet they initially left, and the Marines want time to retrain and readjust -- time they don't have, end result of the bizzare disappearance of a detachment in their brothers- and sisters-in-arms. it's a secret, yet there's a start line: an old wormhole threading during the Sirius process. no matter what waits at the different aspect has to be faced, with stealth, with strength, and with out worry -- be it an historical enemy or a devastating new threat.

The Marines are heading into the perilous unknown . . . and what transpires there may possibly reshape the universe for millennia to come.


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