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You can also resize the columns by dragging their dividers, or re-order them by dragging the column name left or right. Double-clicking an item allows you to open the offending file and jump the cursor to the offending line. In this Try It Out, you practice changing properties of an image control on the History page. Then you create some errors and observe the results. Try It Out Using the Properties and Error Lists Windows 1. Open the History page in Design View. In the Solutions window, open the Images folder and drag the JPEG named “logo-yellow” to the top of the History page.

So the starting set of samples for this chapter is under Chapters\Begin\Chapter01, and the finished code for this chapter is under Chapters\End\Chapter01. Some chapters work on the main WroxUnitedCS application, and will therefore contain a copy of the WroxUnitedCS directory, whereas others have non-WroxUnitedCS samples. The reason for this is that some techniques are easier to digest in smaller samples, rather than in a fully working application. All of the techniques, however, are used in the main application.

The overall biggest benefit is that tasks, which formerly required custom coding, can now be implemented by dragging pre-built controls to the page. These pre-built controls include tools for logging on users, navigation, connecting to stores of data, displaying data, creating a consistent look to the site, and offering customization options to the user. The result is both faster and more robust development of dynamic web pages. 0 easier to deploy and faster in performance. As with earlier versions of ASP, the execution of code (that is, the building of dynamic pages) occurs on the server and only standard HTML is sent to the browser.

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