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Ranging from first principals, you will research the abilities try to be an efficient ASP.NET developer who's able to development to extra subtle tasks paintings. you can be taught how one can use item orientation and code-behind recommendations to put out your code in actual fact in a fashion different builders can simply comprehend. you are going to how you can question databases from inside you websites, boost your layouts utilizing ASP.NET AJAX and installation your complete web content to creation servers. you will additionally tips on how to debug your code whilst issues get it wrong and the functionality and scalability concerns that could have an effect on your net tasks as they develop.

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The Step 1 clause specifies that i will be increased by 1 after every loop iteration. You can omit this part of the code, because 1 is the default increment. Once i reaches 10, the final pass is made through the loop, with i set to 10. Because the counter variable is generally used in your For block but nowhere else, it’s customary to define it as part of the For statement, as shown here: For i As Integer = 1 To 10 ' This code executes 10 times. Write(i & " ") Next If you run this code in Visual Studio, it will write the following numbers in the Debug window: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 It often makes sense to set the counter variable based on the number of items you’re processing.

NET, you start counting at zero (which represents the first dimension). Clear() Resets part or all of an array’s contents, depending on the index values that you supply. The elements revert to their initial empty values (such as 0 for numbers, and an empty string for strings). IndexOf() and LastIndexOf() Searches a one-dimensional array for a specified value and returns the index number. You cannot use this with multidimensional arrays. Sort() Sorts a one-dimensional array made up of comparable data such as strings or numbers.

Info CHAPTER 2 ■ The Visual Basic Language that array. For example, the following code snippet uses GetUpperBound() to find the total number of rows and the total number of columns in a two-dimensional array: ' Create a 4 x 2 array (a grid with four rows and two columns). GetUpperBound(1) + 1 ' Columns = 2 Having these values—the array length and indexes—is handy when looping through the contents of an array, as you’ll see later in this chapter in the “Loops” section. Arrays also provide a few other useful methods, which allow you to sort them, reverse them, and search them for a specified element.

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