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By Jean Rabe

How a lot is an act of betrayal worth?

Worth the cost of a soul?

Dhamon Grimwulf and his band of mercenaries greedily eye a long-forgotten treasure hid underneath a grassy undeniable. Legends promise riches too a number of to count number, wealth too grand to be believed. yet in a transferring global of secrets and techniques and deception, such fortune comes at a excessive rate, larger even than the searing pain Dhamon suffers lower than the curse of a dragon's scale.

High adequate to price Dhamon his life.

The paperback model of the sequel to Downfall, the 1st booklet of the Dhamon Saga. Betrayal maintains the adventures of characters featured in the united states Today bestselling Dragons of a brand new Age trilogy.

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The sky overhead was thickly overcast, threatening rain and casting a gloomy pallor over an already gloomy place. “This is a lovely city,” Dhamon wryly mused. “Indeed,” Maldred said, and meant it. Within the hour—after a brief stop to buy a few jugs of the heady ogre ale Dhamon had acquired a taste for—they were seated at a massive dining room table in Donnag’s manse. The freed slaves had been taken away somewhere by Donnag’s guards, and Maldred was assured they would be well cared for. “We are pleased you aided in the return of our people, Dhamon Grimwulf.

The insects resumed their constant drone, and the irritating noise made them both breathe a little easier. “Can’t see a damn thing, Fiona,” Rig grumbled. “Not even the hand in front of my face. Maybe we should go back to the clearing. Get some torches. Maybe there’s some lanterns in the mine. Maybe some food. ” “No. No. ” Rig let out a deep breath, the wind whistling through his clenched teeth. ” She dropped the useless torch and flailed about with her hand until she found Rig and laced her fingers with his.

No, O Very Old One, he is Goldmoon’s champion no longer. He no longer struggles against the overlords. Now he has no cares beyond his own pleasure. ” “A fallen hero,” the creature stated. ” There was a near-painful skritching sound, of something sharp being scraped across the stone, then a throaty growl that encouraged her to continue. “Master, I believe Dhamon Grimwulf’s spirit and honor died when he decided the dragon overlords were unstoppable. His beliefs in a better world and in himself as a catalyst to achieve that are buried deep in his heart.

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