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2. Go to your Blackboard Control Panel. If you didn’t read the Tip paragraph, about starting at your Control Panel, at the beginning of this chapter, read it now and come back. 3. In the Content Areas box, select the area in which you want to upload the syllabus. You can simply select the Course Information area in which to place your syllabus. If your institution has customized the default menu so that it doesn’t include a Course Information link, choose the most appropriate Content Area for your syllabus.

We like to call it “home base” when no one else is around. Follow these steps to get where you need to be: 1. Log in to Blackboard using your username and password. Assuming that your Web browser is open and you navigated your way to your institution’s Blackboard start page, this step shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, refer to Chapter 1 and remind yourself about your first time navigating through Blackboard. ) 2. On your Course List page, click the name of your course. Your course name is a hyperlink, in blue text and underlined.

Now that you’re on a roll, click OK to return to the Control Panel so that you can set up your Gradebook. The assignment you just posted now appears as a column title in your Gradebook. Yes, it’s that easy. Set up your Gradebook Okay, to save time later in your course, it’s time to set up Item columns in your Gradebook so that you have to worry only about entering earned points for each learner. Here’s what to do: 1. On the Control Panel, click the Gradebook link in the Assessment pane. You should see your Gradebook in Spreadsheet view (see Figure 2-3).

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