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By Don Hanlon Johnson

This e-book is a set of writings on ideas and strategies by means of the pioneers of bodywork and physique expertise disciplines. jointly, they signify a ancient checklist of the sphere of somatics. starting from hands-on staff like Ida Rolf to phenomenologist Elizabeth Behnke, their lives span this century. In those lectures, writings, and interviews, editor Don Hanlon Johnson has sought to revel the unbroken lineage, theoretical ameliorations, and significant similarities of those originators.

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It’s called the horny zone because the cells there are hardened, like horns. And another thing about them: They’re dead. So, what you’re really seeing when you look at somebody’s skin is a whole bunch of dead, hardened cells that are about to fall off. In fact, exfoliation, a particular type of spa treatment that I explain further in Chapter 7, assists the skin in this process. Beneath the epidermis lies the dermis, which is filled with fat cells, blood and lymph vessels, oil glands, sweat glands, nerve endings, and hair follicles.

The other senses all involve touch in one way or another, too; molecules of various kinds hit you in the taste buds, the optical nerves, the ear drums, and the nasal passages, which set off the sensations that make the senses work. 27 28 Part I: Discovering Massage A massage pilgrimage to Esalen The pioneering work done at Esalen helped keep massage alive and well after its decline in the early and mid-1900s. Esalen, located in Big Sur, California (a couple of hours south of San Francisco), was founded by Michael Murphy in 1962, and some of the best massage teachers and researchers in the world have taught and worked there.

Your skin contains 2 to 5 million sweat glands and about 2 million pores. ✓ Your skin is your largest organ system: 2,500 square centimeters in newborns and approximately 19,000 square centimeters (19 square feet) in an adult male. ✓ An adult male’s skin weighs approximately 8 pounds. ✓ Your skin gets strength and form from collagen, which comprises 70 percent of your skin’s dry weight. ✓ You have approximately 640,000 sensory receptors embedded in your skin. ✓ Your skin ranges in thickness from 1/10 of a millimeter on the eyelids to 3 or 4 millimeters on the soles and palms.

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