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By Robert Powell

This ebook covers themes starting from the overall rules of .NET throughout the C# language and the way its utilized in ASP.NET and home windows types. Written via programmers for programmers, the content material of the publication is meant to get readers over the hump of the .NET studying curve and supply sturdy functional wisdom that may make builders efficient from day one.

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Type Safety and Verification The CLR enforces security and reliability through type safety, verification and trust. Type safe code is built to conform to contracts laid out by the CLR. It only uses recognized types, only uses memory allocated to it by the memory manager and cannot access non-public data or methods of other applications or processes. A type safe program cannot get into a crash situation where it runs off into outer space and writes all over some other processes memory blocks. Verification of type-safety takes place when the code is loaded and run by the CLR.

You can create GC classes by using the new __gc class modifier on your classes: __gc class MyClass { public: int m_x; int m_y; SetXY(int x, int y) { m_x=x; m_y=y; } } MyClass is now a Garbage Collected class. CAUTION If you use _asm or setjmp in your C++ methods, the compiler will issue warnings; attempting to run the code may result in failure if the method uses any managed types or managed code. Your GC classes may employ only single inheritance. They may not have a copy constructor and may not override operator & or operator new.

Functions The Hello World IL example encompasses only one method. If only all software development requirements were that simple! Because IL is a stack based language, function parameters are pushed onto the stack and the function is called. The called function is responsible for removing any parameters from the stack and for pushing any return value back onto the stack for the caller of the function. 3. 3 The call stack. 3. depicts a very simplified view of the actual process, enough information is provide to gain an understanding of the overall steps involved.

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