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C#Builder Kick commence offers a quick review of the C#Builder software, a Borland developer's advent to C# explaining the hot varieties and interfaces, and set of examples illustrating the facility of C#, C#Builder, and .NET improvement. detailed realization is paid to adjustments among present Borland instruments and improvement concepts and C#Builder.

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18 takes a single parameter, modifies it, and returns a value. Because myCountValParam is a value type, being passed by value, it does not affect the original value myCount, for which a copy was passed to the method. 4 describes what happens when a value type is passed to a method as a value parameter. Other parameter types are also discussed in the next section. Method Parameters Four types of parameters can be used in the parameter list of a method: value, ref, out, and params. By default, all parameters are passed by value and nothing needs to be specified in the method declaration.

Therefore, every time the + operator is used, it creates a new string object. A good rule of thumb is to start using the StringBuilder after four or more concatenations. 2 shows all the keywords available for C#. Although C# keywords may not be used as identifiers (variable and type names), an exception to this rule is if the keyword were prefixed with an @ symbol. Although I wouldn't recommend it, @if and other keywords prefixed with @ could be used as identifiers. 2. 2 will be used throughout this book, and I'll explain each one when it is applicable.

The IDisposable interface (discussed in the "Interfaces" section of Chapter 4) helps implement the dispose pattern. 4 describes how to implement a destructor. 4 is set to null right after it is instantiated. Because there aren't any other references to this instance, setting it to null makes it available for garbage collection. Objects go out of scope and are available for garbage collection if they are allocated in a routine and there are no other references to them. However, while inside a routine, objects remain allocated.

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