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Like having a mind on your again pocket. presents transparent motives of all C and C++ programming syntax, key phrases, instructions, features, and sophistication libraries. on account that no programmer can have in mind the appropriate syntax of each C/C++ point, this quick-access consultant assists programmers in imposing effective recommendations on call for.

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Namespace The namespace keyword allows you to partition the global namespace by creating a declarative region. In essence, a namespace defines a scope. The general form of namespace is shown here: namespace name { // declarations } In addition, you can have unnamed namespaces as shown here: namespace { // declarations } Unnamed namespaces allow you to establish unique identifiers that are known only within the scope of a single file. 58 Chapter 5: Keyword Summary Chapter 5: Keyword Summary 59 Here is an example of a namespace: namespace MyNameSpace { int i, k; void myfunc(int j) { cout << j; } } Here, i, k, and myfunc( ) are part of the scope defined by the MyNameSpace namespace.

The comma operator is used most often in the for statement. For example, for(z=10, b=20; z

38 Chapter 3: Operators Chapter 3: Operators 39 typeid In C++, the typeid operator returns a reference to a type_info object, which describes the type of the object to which typeid is being applied. typeid has this general form: typeid(object) typeid supports runtime type identification (RTTI) in C++. Your program must include the header in order to use typeid. = provide for the comparison of types. The before( ) function returns true if the invoking object is before the object used as a parameter in collation order.

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