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The coordinating component can be responsible for instantiating subcomponents and calling methods to do the database work. This is also a nice way to separate business logic and validation logic from database-access logic. The coordinating component can implement the application's business rules. Assuming the business rules are met, data can be entered through the subcomponents. If you pass all the data into the coordinating component in one method call, you get the added bonus of reducing the number of network trips needed to complete your transaction..

Resource dispensers are also responsible for registering the connection with the local transaction manager. The process of registering a connection with the transaction manager is Automatic Transaction Enlistment. Figure 4-3 illustrates the process that occurs when a transactional component requests one of these resources. NET, for that matter) to open a connection to a SQL Server database, the request goes to the resource dispenser implemented inside the OLEDB framework. The resource dispenser looks at the connection string passed to ADO to determine if that type of connection exists within the resource dispenser's pool.

In Chapter 2, I briefly introduce contexts. I explain contexts in relation to apartments in that each apartment may be broken down into multiple contexts. Contexts are of particular importance to transactional components. Each component in COM+ gets a context associated with it when it is created. When a client instantiates a transactional component, COM+ looks to see if the client is already participating in a transaction. If the client is running in a transaction (a client can be another transactional component) and if the component supports running in another's transaction, the component is created, and it inherits the context of the client.

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