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By Marianne Barisonek

On April twenty sixth, 1986 the V.I. Lenin Nuclear strength Plant close to Chernobyl reactor quantity 4 exploded. absolutely anything else you could say concerning the catastrophe remains to be arguable at the present time. reason and impact: knowing Chernobyl tells the tale of the catastrophe and its results by way of describing its effect on a private point. humans from all walks of existence illustrate the emotional, actual and technical demanding situations of residing with radiation on a day by day foundation. They current tales of heroism, idealism and severe self-delusion.

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Chromatographic analysis of the parent solution (placed in the nebulizer) and of the aerosol (obtained at the outlet of the nebulizer) makes possible more precise quantitative determination of the radiochemical purity of the radiotracer, especially with a more accurate determination of the content of Tc04- (which has a high diffusion capacity) and Tc02, which is colloidal and cannot pass across the alveolocapillary membrane. The choice of the generator, the concentration of stannous chloride and the nebulizer can influence these different parameters.

This is why it is important to consider the place and choice of nuclear medicine tests which depend upon local facilities. Perfusion scans are the basis of isotopic investigations. They should be associated with ventilation scans in patients with a history of previous cardio-pulmonary disease. In view of difficulties of interpretation, some authors consider that scans are not indicated in such patients and they recommend angiograms. Nevertheless it has been demonstrated that the diagnostic value of ventilation-perfusion scans is not reduced by pre-existing cardiac or pulmonary disease [4, 5].

The image, sequence of images or tomographic image reconstructions are displayed on a TV monitor. It is reproduced on a color or black and white videoprinter, or directly transferred from the computer onto a digital printer. The printer is capable of printing on paper (ink impression or heat sensitive paper) and JL Baulieu 42 Table 2. Cost evaluation of manipulation and costs of radio-pharmaceutical products. 1 FF (February 1993) Cost evaluation of manipulation Radiopharmaceutical cost (FF) Perfusion 99mTc macroaggregates 133 Xe solution lOOZ 150Z 1420 800 Ventilation 99 mTcDTPA 133 Xe gas 150Z 150Z 780 800 150Z 150Z 260Z lOOZ 150Z 150Z 1030 1370 420 Bone scan (99mTcMDP) 123 IMIBG 131 I diagnosis 131 1 therapy 67Ga 111 In antibody immunoscintigraphy on photopolaroid, black and white film or colour slides.

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