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This thesis specializes in the examine and characterization of entanglement and nonlocal correlations limited less than symmetries. It contains unique effects in addition to specific tools and reasons for a few diverse threads of study: confident partial transpose (PPT) entanglement within the symmetric states; a unique, experimentally pleasant strategy to become aware of nonlocal correlations in many-body platforms; the non-equivalence among entanglement and nonlocality; and elemental monogamies of correlations. Entanglement and nonlocal correlations represent primary assets for quantum info processing, as they enable novel initiatives which are another way most unlikely in a classical state of affairs. besides the fact that, their elusive characterization remains to be a vital challenge in quantum info idea. the most this is why any such primary factor continues to be a powerful problem lies within the exponential development in complexity of the Hilbert area in addition to the distance of multipartite correlations. actual platforms of curiosity, however, show symmetries that may be exploited to lessen this complexity, establishing the prospect that a few of these questions turn into tractable for such systems.

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Let us name such vector P. The problem of which probability distributions P are sound has been considered since more than a century ago; way before the genesis of modern probability, theory by George Boole, in his theory of conditions of possible experience [Boo62], but it was Froissart who reintroduced it in terms of nonlocality and physical principles from the geometric perspective [Fro81] that allows a systematic characterization of correlations in terms of convex sets. Mathematical Constraints Since P has to be a valid probability distribution, it has to fulfill Kolmogórov’s axioms of Probability Theory [Kol33].

Samsonowicz, M. Lewenstein, Entangled symmetric states of N qubits with all positive partial transpositions. Phys. Rev. A 86(4), 042316 (2012). 042316 [Aug+14] R. Augusiak, M. Demianowicz, M. Pawłowski, J. Tura, A. Acín, Elemental and tight monogamy relations in nonsignaling theories. Phys. Rev. A 90(5), 052323 (2014). 052323 [Aug+15] R. Augusiak, M. Demianowicz, J. Tura, A. Acín, Entanglement and nonlocality are inequivalent for any number of parties. Phys. Rev. Lett. 115(3), 030404 (2015). doi:10.

This is what motivates the definition of a Local Hidden Variable Model (LHVM): We say that P admits a LHVM if it can be written in the form 14 A spectrahedron is the feasible set of a Semi-Definite Program (SDP). 14) i=0 where is the space of hidden variables, p(λ) ≥ 0 and p(λ)dλ = 1. 14) is again a polytope, known as the local polytope and we denote it PL . The functions P(ai |xi λ) are called local response functions and they need not be deterministic. However, every probability distribution can be expressed as a convex combination of deterministic events (one for each outcome and the weight of the convex combination corresponds to the probabilities of the events).

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