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By G. Stenman, J. Bullerdiek, S. Bartnitzke, P. Sahlin, E. Röijer, J. Mark (auth.), Prof. Dr. J. Bullerdiek, Dr. S. Bartnitzke (eds.)

Researchers eager about the cytogenetics and molecular genetics of human tumors will welcome this finished assessment of the kind of aberrations that chromosome 12 provides in human stable tumors. The authors learn the results for a cytogenetic subtyping of the tumors concerned and methods for deciding upon the molecular alterations which underlie the karyotypic changes.
The aberrations of chromosome 12 which the publication bargains with are very common chromosomal changes in human tumors occuring in widespread benign mesenchymal tumors, corresponding to uterine leiomyomas and lipomas, and in tumors of epithelial beginning, comparable to pleomorphic adenomas of the salivary glands.

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1986; Mandahl et al. 1987, 1988; Dal ein et al. 1988a, 1992; De lang et al. 1988; Peulve et al. • Fig. 2. Metaphase cell from an atypicallipoma with a large, supernumerary ring chromosome • Fig. 3. Metaphase cell from an atypical lipoma showing a giant marker chromosome 32 N. Mandahl 1990; Sreekantaiah et a1. 1991c; Ohjimi et a1. 1992). These include 15 typical lipomas, two Iipoblastomas, one myxolipoma, one hibernorna, and one renal angiomyolipoma. The aberrations and localization of breakpoints in these tumors seem, possibly with a few exceptions, to be random.

1992). The second point of interest is the mechanism by which the rings and the giant marker occurred, bearing in mind the absence at their centromeric area of any of the alpha-satellite ONA sequences tested, as reported in another giant marker in WOLPS (Stephenson et al. 1992), and the "harlequin" pattern of involvement of sequences from several distinctive chromosomes. Acknowledgements. This work was supported by CNRS and grants from INSERM, the Caisse Regionale d' Assurances Maladies, the Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer, and the Federation des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer, France.

Cancer Genet Cytogenet 32:25-31 Vanni R, Lecca U (1988) Involvement of the long arm of chromosome &2 in chromosome rearrangements of uterine leiomyoma. Cancer Genet Cytogenet 32:33-34 Vanni R, Nieddu M, Paoli R, Lecca U (1989) Uterine leiomyoma cytogenetics. 1. Rearrangements of chromosome 12. Cancer Genet Cytogenet 37:49-54 Vanni R, Dal Cin P, Van Den Berghe H (1990) Is the chromosome band Ip36 another hot-spot for rearrangements in uterine leiomyoma? Genes Chrom Cancer 2:255-256 Vanni R, Lecca U, Faa G (1991) Uterine leiomyoma cytogenetics.

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