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By Martin J. Taylor

This e-book is a self-contained account of the speculation of classgroups of crew jewelry. The guiding philosophy has been to explain all of the simple homes of such classgroups when it comes to personality capabilities. This standpoint is because of A. Frohlich and it achieves a substantial simplification and readability over earlier suggestions. a chief characteristic of the booklet is the creation of the author's crew logarithm, with a variety of examples of its program. the most effects handled are: Ullom's conjecture for Swan modules of p-groups; the self-duality theorem for earrings of integers of tame extensions; the fixed-point theorem for determinants of staff jewelry; the life of Adams operations on classgroups. additionally, the writer incorporates a variety of calculations of classgroups of particular households of teams reminiscent of generalized dihedral teams, and quaternion and dihedral 2-groups. The paintings contained during this e-book will be without problems available to any graduate pupil in natural arithmetic who has taken a path within the illustration thought of finite teams. it's going to even be of curiosity to quantity theorists and algebraic topologists.

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Is the ring of integers of Q(x), the 1 p 1 • field generated over Q by the values of xi on r. ) - n. 1 1 for some positive integer coprime to p. 1 mod~, for p w E nQ. 2 Let p f 2, let n be a positive integer coprime to p and let ~ p 38 Then ~ be a primitive pth root of unity. Q(~ unit in the ring of integers of ~ * c p + ~- 1 ) p =n ~n Now n 1 E n p = (~np -1 -1 ~P ) is a and ~ ) . mod (1 - p r *, and so f Det(n 1 ) -1 represents the same class as f. ~ * p We define u E Homn (Rr, OF) by Q Again we know that f' = f u Det(n 1 ) -1 represents the same class and moreover for w E nQ, 1 ~ i ~ n.

3 Since tensoring with an OKr lattice X is exact in the category of freely presented OKr-modules, we see that 8 0 X certainly . . def1nes an endomorph1sm of K0 T(0Kr ) . In order to prove thatK th1s endomorphism has the desired effect on a representing homomorphism f, we may, in the usual way, restrict ourselves to the case M = OKr/a OKr, with a E OKr n Kr*. 2), (M] is represented by the homomorphism Det(a). Let X be an OKr-lattice with basis x 1 , ••• , X • n Let (C . ) E GLn(OKr) be defined by 1,J a 8 x.

Q and the result follows b ecause Det ( ~ r *) h as f'~n~te ~n p U (F)) (cf. 5), we know that = {1}. D(~C) is a quotient of the group U (F)) p X Det(~ c*) p Let x be a non-trivial abelian character of C. By Galois action, it is clear that f E Ho~n 0 (Rc, UP(F)) i! determined by the two values f(EC), f(x) in~ Cresp. ~ [~] ). Let y generate C. We see p p p immediately that the sub-group Det(l + (1 - y) ~ C) (resp. p Det(l + ~EC)) is that subgroup of homomorphisms g such that 1 resp. g(x) =1 g(Ec) - 1 mod (p) g(x) mod (1 1.

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