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By Jeremy & Downing, Taylor Isaacs

This illustrated narrative historical past, spanning the increase of the Iron Curtain and the cave in of the Berlin Wall, is the better half the key 24-episode documentary airing on CNN, and world wide, starting within the fall of 1998. six hundred illustrations, a hundred in colour. 7 maps.

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United States will use understood. " fact, Stalin Truman and Byrnes thought that Stalin had not knew precisely what was at stake. Within days, he had ordered Molotov to speed up the Soviet bomb The Potsdam Conference was held up for a project. few days while Churchill returned to Britain for the results of a general election. He discovered that he had been defeated in a landslide by the Labour Party. The conference resumed on 28 July with two new members, Clement Attlee as British prime minister and Ernest Bevin as foreign secretary.

Audience this merely repeated familiar prophesies, but in Washington the speech caused great alarm. " Other officials were confused by Stalin's attitude and sought clarification on Soviet Moscow* The development of world capitalism proceeds not in the path of smooth and even progress but through crisis and the catastrophes of war. — Joseph Stalin, February 1946 Mediterranean Sea Iron Curtain Countries, Iron Curtain, 1945-1947 1946 29 . thinking. The State Department cabled the ground study of Stalin's foreign George Kennan, eight-thousand-word response.

In history as "the It INFORM* have a profound effect on the development of American thinking to copy DEPARTMENT OF ST about the Soviet Union and the evolution of what later became known as the INCOMING TELEGRAM policy of containment. Kennan was the State Department's Soviet expert and had first gone to Moscow in 1933, representing US interests even before Washington had formally recognized the Soviet government. In many ways he was an unlikely diplomat. Subject to extreme mood changes, he usually was determined to press his own point of view rather than listen to others.

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