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By Bartosz Jędrzejec, Ewa Czarnobilska, Grzegorz Porębski, Krystyna Obtułowicz (auth.), Edward Kącki, Marek Rudnicki, Joanna Stempczyńska (eds.)

Papers chosen to the current monograph are just a small piece of topics being investigated in Poland within the diversity of scientific desktop technology. Their summaries and initial effects have been awarded through the overseas convention „Computers in scientific job" prepared by way of the varsity of laptop technological know-how in Lodz with the collaboration of the Polish Society of clinical desktop technology in Poland in 2007.

The material of the monograph is principally instructed on applying the pc platforms within the diagnostics then the apparatus of the scientific task and the overall difficulties attached with the association the clinical care.

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These data sets concern heart disease, breast cancer, and Pima Indians diabetes. 1 Medical Data Description The heart disease data set was collected by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The data consist of 303 cases, where 164 cases represent the normal condition and 139 heart disease. There are 13 input variables and one output. In order to make the problem simpler, the output is reduced from five to two values. There are five continuousvalue variables and the rest are categorized variables. The complete data set consists of six rows with missing values which have been deleted.

The accuracy approximation coefficient α B ( Pyes ) = 1 measures the grade of im2 precision of the set Pyes in the meaning of its roughness when comparing to a crisp set. 3 The Selection of Reducts from a Set of Conditional Attributes The indiscernibility relation reduces the data by identifying the equivalence classes since only one element of the equivalence class is entailed to represent the entire class. On the other hand, we sometimes observe the presence of superfluous data brought in the decision table (P, B, D1) by some needless attributes belonging to B ⊂ S.

The feature selection problem can be solved through the minimization of a modified CPL criterion function Φ (w ) (13) [6], [7]. Bibliography 1. : Ranked modeling of liver diseases sequence. European Journal of Biomedical Informatics (2007) (to be published) 2. : Pattern Classification. J. Wiley, New York (2001) 3. : Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition. Academic Press, London (1972) 4. : Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis. , Englewood Cliffs (1991) 5. : Ranked modelling with feature selection based on the CPL criterion functions.

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