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Usually, revenues pros utilizing a consultative technique are afraid to exploit usual, strain- stuffed concepts to eventually shut a sale. fearful of destructive the connection they have nurtured, they unrealistically desire the sale will shut itself...which hardly ever, if ever, occurs. "Consultative remaining" offers the answer, breaking apart the ultimate method into small, actionable steps that support the salesman achieve sluggish buy-in and identify a long term operating dating along with his or her customer. this is often an necessary advisor for consultative revenues execs who have the desire to make the sale, and hold their buyers.

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The Role of Mini-Steps in the Closing Process 45 So many of our problems in sales and closing (and in dealing with deceptive clients) are caused by our insistence on relying on the spoken word versus physical action when assessing where someone may or may not be in the closing process. We totally rely on verbal ‘‘commitments’’ when assessing where an opportunity may be within the sales process. ’’ I ask. ‘‘It looks pretty good. I mean, Tom, my main guy over there, has said it looks like something they’ll end up doing,’’ the seller says as he gleefully adds ABC to his ever-growing list of clients in his imaginary pipeline.

Of course, what these guys don’t see is that the situation is much different from our perspective: We don’t know enough to even ask intelligent questions!! We’re waiting for someone to have a process—a system—for helping us make the right choice. We don’t know any better. We don’t trust salespeople (because we’re clients), and we don’t trust our own judgment. And yet everyone of these salespeople is just assuming we’re going to be able to recognize the differences in companies and products, and give them the business six months from the first call.

We will create more business, develop stronger relationships, have more fun, save more clients, make more money, and generally enjoy a life in sales we can be proud of! Closing is a good thing. Consultative Closing is an even better thing. Let’s dig into the simple steps that will make you a more effective closer immediately. ⅷ R E V I E W • Consultative selling is the only way to sell, but the process can lead to problems with closing. • Consultative salespeople typically don’t acknowledge that there is a sales call taking place and that the person they’re talking to is playing the role of client.

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