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By Tracey Skelton, Gill Valentine

Cool areas explores the contrasting stories of up to date early life. The chapters draw on techno song and ecstasy in Germany, clubbing in London, international backpacking and gangs in Santa Cruz in addition to expereinces at domestic, at the streets and looking employment. The members use those examples to discover illustration and resistance and geographical ideas of scale and position in younger people's lives inside of social, cultural and feminist experiences to concentration upon the complexities of adlescent cultures and their spatial representations and interactions. individuals: Shane Blackman, Sophie Bowlby, Myrna Margulies Breitbart, Deborah Chambers, Luke Deforges, Claire Dwyer, Keith Hetherington, Cindi Katz, Heinz-Herman Kruger, Marion Leonard, Sally Lloyd Evans, Tim Lucas, Sara McNamee,Ben Malbon, Doreen Massey, Robina Mohammad, David Oswell, David Parker, Birgit Richard, Susan Ruddick, Tracey Skelton, Fiona Smith, Kevin Stevenson, Gill Valentine and Paul Watt

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Satellite and cable television no longer define youth as a point in the schedule, but as niche markets with their own particular channels. In doing so ‘youth television’ becomes more like radio, it becomes a day-in and day-out production, and viewing becomes very much a secondary activity. The importance of the schedule within MTV, for example, is in defining communities according to taste, rather than age. Ann Kaplan has argued: 44 DAVID OSWELL the very fact that MTV addresses itself to a broad, generally youthful section of the American public that ranges from 12 to 34 on up, distinguishes it from earlier rock cultures, which addressed much more homogeneous groups, clearly defined in terms of values, age, and social status.

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