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I had never seen him before. ” Later that day, a small boat sailed away from Marseilles. Dantes was on board. As he looked back at the city, he thought about Monsieur Morrel. “Be happy, noble heart. May God bless you for all the good you have done. And for now, goodbye to kindness. I have rewarded the good. ” Early in the year 1831, two rich young men from Paris arrived in Rome for the Carnival. They had come to have a good time. But Albert de Morcerf, the son of Mercedes and Fernand, and his friend Franz d’Epinay, were not happy.

Valentine kindly offered a glass of lemonade to Noirtier’s old servant. Then suddenly, the servant staggered and fell to the floor. He cried out in pain, and could not get up. ” he cried. Maximilian and Valentine ran out to call for the doctor. Meanwhile, Villefort had come into the room. He stared in horror as the old servant clutched at his chest. When the doctor arrived, it was too late to help the poor man. He was dead within the hour. Maximilian and Valentine had already left the 55 THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO room when the doctor held the lemonade to his nose.

That meant he was now 33 years old! He thought about Mercedes, and wondered where she was. Dantes soon discovered that the captain and his crew were smugglers. They sailed around the Mediterranean, trading stolen goods. Once the ship passed close to the Isle of Monte Cristo. But Dantes had no chance to go ashore. One day, the captain said that he had arranged a meeting with another crew of smugglers—at the Isle of Monte Cristo! This was the news that Dantes had been waiting for. He tried not to show his excitement as they got closer to the island.

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