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7 R 4. Dantes remained ___ when he saw his old enemy. 5. The doctor told Villefort not to ___ on protecting a murderer. B. Write a letter to match the puzzle words with their definitions. 30 1. _____ familiar a. lawbreaker 2. _____ clutched b. merchant; one who buys and sells 3. _____ hoarding c. intimate; known well 4. _____ credit d. not disturbed or excited 5. _____ criminal e. selfishly keeping for oneself 6. _____ trader f. grabbed; held tightly 7. _____ calm g. com THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO • Chapter 18 9 SYNONYMS NAME DATE A.

Then name two important characters from the novel you just read. Write a brief description of each. 1. Character: _______________________________ Description: ___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 2. Character: _______________________________ Description: ___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 3. Which character did you find most interesting?

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 3. How did Dantes disguise himself to confront the thief? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 4. What did Caderousse say had made him rob the diamond trader? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 5. Why wasn’t Dantes hurt when Caderousse stabbed him?

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