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By Dr Harry D Friedman DO, Dr Jerel H Glassman DO, Dr Wolfgang G Gilliar DO

-Basic and intermediate point tutorial guide -Theoretical rules of oblique strategy and spontaneous unlock by way of positioning -Diagnostic program of delicate aspect palpation for every physique sector -Multiple healing maneuvers offered for every smooth element

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Counterstrain Approaches in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

-Basic and intermediate point tutorial handbook -Theoretical ideas of oblique strategy and spontaneous liberate by means of positioning -Diagnostic software of smooth element palpation for every physique zone -Multiple healing maneuvers provided for every smooth aspect

Principles and Practic

This quantity describes the fundamental history info universal to thermal research and calorimentry typically

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Tor Acromioclavicular Long Head ofBtceps \ Short Head ofBiceps dial/ Lateral oronoid Medial Olecranon (posterior) Bursa 53 Anterior Acromioclavicular (AAC) Tender Pt. Anterior surface of the distal clavicle. Treatment Patient supine. Operator on opposite side of table as tender point, applies traction of arm across chest and cephalad. Adduction- variable 30-50° Flexion- slight Rotation- internal Traction- moderate F­ Ri Ad T Short Head of Biceps (SHB) Infero-lateral surface of the coracoid Tender Pt.

1 em below PSIS in small saddle between PSIS and PHS. Also on spinous process ofL5. Treatment Patient prone. Operator seated on side of dysfunction. Leg on sore side is dropped off of table resting on operator's thigh. Patient's thigh flexed 90°. Patient's pelvis is rotated away and the knee is adducted slightly. Flexion. Sidebend- toward. Rotate- toward. F St Rt High Ilium Sacroiliac (HISI) Tender Pt. 4-5 em lateral to posterior superior iliac spine. Treatment Patient Supine. Extension. Abduction- slight.

Extension- hyperextension of elbow Adduction- slight of elbow. Supination- moderate Note: Middle finger is on tender point in treatment diagram Lateral and Medial Coronoid (LCND & MCND) Tender Pts. Lateral and medial surface of coronoid process. Treatment Patient Supine.

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