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The Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (the government department responsible for homelessness policy in Britain) and the main homelessness charities (Centrepoint, Crisis and Shelter) all have their headquarters in London. These are the organisations that provide newspapers with the source material for their stories on homelessness – in the form of press releases. Of the other locations, it is notable that having first made an appearance in the early 1990s, each appeared with increasing frequency as the decade wore on: presumably, as journalists returned to places that they knew would provide good copy.

G. the correspondence between the central Excise Board and the Treasury; and records of officers moving between posts), and some isolated examples (lists of officers, tabulations of revenue gathered, and a few notebooks) in the manuscript collection in the British Library. ii Printed pamphlets and broadsheets that argued for or against the extension of excise taxation. Some saw these as the best way to raise revenue to fight wars, others saw them as an illegitimate extension of government power.

The view from the streets A basic content analysis enabled me to build up a picture of the broad sweep of recent homelessness coverage. However, I also wanted to explore the various settings that newspapers use in stories about homelessness in more detail – to see what those settings might tell us about the image of homelessness and of homeless people that newspapers construct. Here I turned to a small number of stories I adjudged to be typical of this broader coverage, focusing my attention on two settings in particular: those concerned with problems of rural homelessness, and those exploring the world of rough sleeping in Britain’s towns and cities.

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