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By Emil J. Kirchner (eds.)

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In so far as regional economic regulation has proved to be effective and, as such, successful, the impact on the politics of regionalization has been mixed. On the one hand, an increase in the authority and the legitimacy of regulatory decisions is an argument in favour of greater powers for regional governments, but on the other hand, the prospect of 'new layers of bureaucracy' and 'more red tape' is presented as a threat to successful economic regulations. This is yet another paradox of the region which so far remains unresolved in Western Europe.

One important issue in the success of regional performance has been the question of access: to what extent will the region benefit from central funds and the relaxation of central control over spending and other forms of regulation? In this context it was often more important to have regional representatives who enjoyed direct access at the central level than to elect alternative governments at the regional level that were unable to deliver the goods. In other words: the lack of fiscal independence of the new regions has limited the significance of directly elected regional institutions.

These similarities make it possible to discuss a 'West European experience' of regionalization. Obviously, issues specific to each polity need to be addressed, but general problems involved in the problem of regionalization do yield wider lessons about the opportunities and challenges that the Visegrad countries face. On this basis, this chapter provides a comparative perspective on the performance of regions in Western Europe. The chapter will first examine some of the underlying causes and dynamics of regionalization, before taking a more detailed look at the way in which regionalization proceeded in the different national environments.

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