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Второе издание сборника туториалов Deconstructing the weather with 3ds Max.

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WT Opacity slot and label it Flame Opacity. In its -. Color 2 slot, add a Mix map and label i t Flame Height -. " -Opacity Control. ---into the Flame Opacity map's Mix Amount slot. In the --Flame Height Opacity Control map's Color 1 slot, add a -----Mask map and label it Flame Bottom Opacity. Add a Gradient Ramp map t o the Mask slot and label it Flame Bottom Opacity Radial. Set the Map Channel t o 2 and turn off U and V tiling. Add a flag t o position 14 and - . move the one at position 50 t o position 71.

Set its Falloff Type t o ShadowILight. Add another Falloff map to its Light slot, label it Smoke Rim Color and set the Falloff Type t o Fresnel. Set the Side color t o RGB 10,10,10. 18 Information: The comb~nat~on of these two Falloff maps enables us to create a sl~ghtnm glow wh~chmakes the smoke appear softer Th~snm effect 1s masked out by a ShadowIL~ghtfalloff so that ~tIS most prom~nentwhen ~tIS In d~rect~llum~nat~on, and not In shadow At the top of the material, set the Bump amount t o -100.

Because of the way lnverse Square calculations are performed, the value will never reach zero and will continue on to infinity, which takes a little processing power. With the End setting we can tell the decay where to stop calculating, therefore saving resources. The Shadow map's Bias setting has been reduced to bring the shadows as close to the objects as possible, and the Sample Range increased to blur the shadows a little more. The particle events are excluded from receiving any lighting from these lights, as this will intensify them too much.

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