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Arthur McGill, of Battery D, was placed in command of Battery A. Later he was given the rank of captain. Major-General Joseph E. , commanded the 154th Field Artillery Brigade. "O" block, in the plan of Camp Meade, was designated as the training center of the 311th Field Artillery and barrack No. 19 was the shelter selected for Battery D. Barrack 019 was situated in a small glade of trees which fringed the edge of the horse-shoe curve that the general plan of cantonment construction assumed. The spurs of the great horse-shoe were at Disney and Admiral.

James. , with the American Press Section, 10 Rue St. Anne, Paris, which registration carried grant to write for publication in the United States.  F. University, at Beaune, Cote D'Or. Rejoined battery at St. Nazaire May 1st, 1919. , June 4th, 1919. FOREWORD. , and later overseas, that war seemed mostly drudgery with only the personal satisfaction of doing one's duty and that Sunny France was rainy most of the time. , will never fade in utter oblivion in the minds of its members. 'Tis a strange fancy of nature, however, gradually to forget many of the associations and circumstances of sombre hue as the silver linings appear in our respective clouds of life in greater radiance as each day finds us drifting farther from ties of camp life.

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